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Beach vibes meet city classics: MYSAYANG from Bali

Hello beautiful, how are you? 

I wanted to introduce our newest arrivals by our stylish beachwear brand Mysayang. This beautiful brand is handmade in Indonesia with love. Individual tailors take the time to sew each piece with care and therefore each design has a customized touch to it. 

Mysayang, meaning 'my love' has been created by designer and surfer Anja Kukofka who is originally from Bavaria, Germany, but living in Bali. 
Her designs can we worn all year round. Check out my suggestions bellow, as I am 100% sure you will fall in love with these must haves as much as I did! 


The MAWAR skirt: available in stone washed dots (best seller), pink, yellow(best seller), green, pink, black, and rust orange is one of the designs I mentioned that can be worn all year round.

Fall/Winter: tights underneath, sneakers or combat boots, cozy knit sweater, and Denim jacket/or winter jacket on top. Hell yes!

Spring/summer: Sandals or sneakers, your MAWAR skirt, and simply one of Anja's newly arrived tees, or your favorite print tee, top, whatever...DONE! :) 


The SENSUAI Jumpsuit: This is an all time favorite and one hell of a statement piece you are gonna love for life! 100% Cotton, available in stonewashed black (best seller), yellow, pink (best seller), green (best seller), rust orange, and dots (best seller)

Spring/Summer: Crop top tee, your SENSUAI  jumpsuit, sneakers, plateau superga, booties, whatever shoes you like and you're ready to go! This outfit is easy going, sassy, yet super chill and a guaranteed compliment by others. 

Fall/Winter: Knit, turtle neck, tee , jumpsuit, combat boots (jacket)...DONE! :) 

The GYPSY skirt is a definite statement piece. So cool. Beach vibes guaranteed. 100% cotton, available in yellow, green, black, stripes, and pink (best seller). 

But this skirt can also we worn during fall/winter: pair it with boots preferably sneakers, your favorite knit sweater and I can tell you now people will love your outfit! 

spring/summer: check the above picture for inspiration. Sandals, sneakers, top....easy right... you cant go wrong with this style. You just gotta own it! 


So babes, get your mysayang styles now! 



your, Studio j.ee Team 

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